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To pursue eXcellence and make everyone successful in a digital-first world.

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What is TECHX?

Professional Boutique Advisory & Consulting Services

TECHX was launched in 2022 with the intent to enable organizations of all sizes and to accelerate performance through the conjunction of strategic and operational eXcellence practices in a business environment that is becoming more and more digital. TECHX believes in maintaining a positive growth mindset, in creating constructive partnerships with a purpose, and continuously strives to create significant outcomes for organizations and individuals. TECHX rigorously pursues a "human-first" approach with the ambition to leverage technology for process automation, business scaling, and people enablement to achieve more with less, and empower individuals to excel at their full potential.


When working with TECHX, you may expect a collaboration and 'co-creation' of business outcomes based on founding principles of 'highest quality deliverables', 'multidisciplinary expertise', 'constructive innovation', and 'un-compromised integrity'.

TECHX Values

EXCELLENCE - TECHX embraces service excellence and is fully committed to high-quality standards to be your preferred long-term partner.
EXPERTISE - TECHX brings in relevant expertise from different disciplines and values continuous knowledge exchange with partners from various industries to be your first-choice expert.
INNOVATION - TECHX believes in unbridled curiosity fuelling creativity and innovation to be your 'go-to' strategic and tactical problem solver.
INTEGRITY - TECHX adheres to the principle of ethical decision-making to be your most trusted advisor.


Let's talk TECH(X).

Technology eXcellence

Sales eXcellence

Culture eXcellence

Business eXcellence


"Business problems should not be categorized into a single bucket and addressed as a siloed instance. Instead, such´opportunities for progress´ should be understood in a holistic manner with a vision on long-term growth, focusing on a 360-degree approach of eXcellence."


TECHX Founder

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#businessenabler #humanempowerment

I have established a reputation as an experienced technology professional and as a visionary strategist with a proven track record of launching state-of-the-art initiatives and of successfully enabling organizations globally to become better at doing business.

+5 years of experience of empowering entrepreneurs to achieve more

+5 years of technology consulting experience across industries for global organizations

+5 years of building up technical expertise at tactical and strategic level 

+3 years of leadership experience in large and small team in the technology industry

+2 years of leading culture transformation initiatives at scale





BloxBytes is a leading enterprise blockchain development company with 10+ years of experience in gaming, fintech and health care markets, headquartered in the United States with branch offices in 3+ countries.
Our blockchain consulting and development services ensure full-cycle technical support for your token offering, blockchain network creation for your business, or tokenisation of your assets, from conceptual architectural and tokenisation design, smart contracts, sidechain deployment and integration with the public blockchain to website deployment and infrastructure maintenance for your product.

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